Rev. Mark J. Powell (D-IN 6): Vote For A Better America in 2022  For God and Country!

"Thank you to the nearly 10,000 Hoosier Democrats that voted for me in 2020 in District 9 to represent them in the United States House of Representatives and advocate the OUR FAIR SHARE program!!! Last year our campaign went to Bedford, Bloomington, Washington and Jeffersonville when Johnson County was in District 9. In 2022, because of redistricting, we'll flip the 9 upside down and get District 6 so see you soon in Beech Grove, Shelbyville, Columbus, New Castle, Richmond, Greenfield and all the townships and counties that make of the New 6th Congressional District.  

We've know here in Indiana for a long time, Pence is a name synonymous with Political BackStabbing. 

Since January 6, 2021 A.D., history will have the name Mike Pence enshrined in the Traitor Hall of Fame with Benedict Arnold, Marcus Brutus and Judas Iscariot. 

Our current $$$ 12 million dollar Congressman Greg Pence and his coward brother Mike Pence can hide behind their millions of dollars they've flim-flamed but the folks are fed up with their horsecrap.

The 2022 May 3rd Democratic primary election will be about the best Democratic nominee to fight and win against the Pence Machine. I ask for a clean primary contest and a robust debate in the coming months in every county and township in the 6th Congressional District. 

I'm a "President Kennedy Democrat" and that is in my view the successful future of the Indiana Democratic Party and the DNC.  

It was an honor to run and speak for those of us in the Middle Class in 2020. Sadly in American politics, coming in 2nd in a 5 candidate field doesn't even get one a Silver medal. 

PASTOR POWELL's OUR FAIR SHARE program of fairness for the Middle Class, Union members, Small business Owners, Working Poor and Entrepreneurs will be even more relevant in 2022.   

"I will continue to advocate my Our Fair Share program. I will also advocate in the Democratic Party for a return to the principles of our Constitution and the removal of Maoist organizations that the established party leadership has allowed to enter under their watch. Marxist/Maoist groups like Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Socialists of America have no place in a major American political party." MJP
   God Save America.  

"Our    Fair    Share"

Here is Powell's 2020 "Our Fair Share" program...You know in 2021 things have only gotten worse!

Why did this Middle Class guy who happens to be a Lutheran pastor run in the 2020 Democratic Congressional primary and will again in the 2022 Democratic Congressional primary on May 3, 2022.  

A lot of reasons, DEBT RELIEF for the Middle Class and recent college graduates....if the Wall Street Banksters can get Trillions, the Middle Class must receive OUR FAIR SHARE , how about access to Congressional Health Insurance...if Pelosi and McConnell get the best, the Middle Class must receive OUR FAIR SHARE!!! 

America must have affordable post secondary education. Rhode Island has a wonderful statewide program and we need to make community colleges free and third and fourth year studies affordable to finish degrees in areas where a workforce is needed and entrepreneurship in encouraged.      

America needs to streamline government by combining the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of the Interior into the new Cabinet level Department of the Environment where our Land, Sea and Air will remain clean and both corporate and individual corporate officers who are violators will be prosecuted and imprisoned .  

With millions of Americans Unemployed or underemployed, the Federal government needs to encourage entrepreneurship and make sure UNEMPLOYMENT compensation is NOT taxed and those who are victims of religious persecution by being involuntarily released will receive their compensation without question. 

Let us begin in 2022, by Gaining a Powell and Losing Just a pence!!! 


Who will speak up for the Middle Class?  

You have an ADVOCATE !!!

The Powell PANDEMIC Protection Plan for the Middle Class 

was first ADVOCATED IN THE SPRING of 2020

How much better would YOUR life be now if Pastor Powell won in 2020? 

Let's get it correct in 2022! After Pastor Powell is sworn in as the new Congressman from the 6th District, he will introduce legislation in January of 2023 that will state: 

  1. Any additional Major Debt Spending MUST have a Federal Reserve Bank Audit.
  2. Congressional Health Insurance Plan Access for the Middle Class Immediately. 
  3. Direct Electronic Transfers into the Middle Class bank accounts immediately.
  4. Middle Class Federal Income Tax Exemption on Household incomes of $120,000 or less after Pandemic crisis. Increase Tax Rates will rise for those making over $5 million to make up the difference...spread FAIRNESS not the VIRUS!!!
  5. State and Federal Tax Exemption of Unemployment Benefits immediately.
  6. Citizens who exercise their Constitutional Right to a Religious Exemption will NOT be denied and a $100,000 fine and federal prison will await all those who take part in the denial of a religious exemption.  

Pastor Powell's 2020 Bloomington Chamber Interview~ 
Powell: A Prophetic Voice for 2022

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Recent Media Releases: 

Pastor Powell. Congress 2022.

Monday, October 11, 2021 

CONTACT Rev. Mark J. Powell, 317-372-3493

Powell asks Young and Braun to Deny Senator Donnelly

Former Vatican City State resident Pastor Mark J. Powell who will file for the Democratic nomination in the 6th Congressional District in January calls for cutting U.S. diplomatic costs in Rome.

WHITELAND- 2020 United States Democratic Congressional candidate who will file for the 2022 Democratic nomination in 3 months, the Rev. Mark J. Powell, M.Div. (D-IN 6) responded to the news of another Hoosier joining the Biden administration. The president on Friday, October 8th  nominated former U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) to be ambassador to the Vatican. His appointment as ambassador to the Holy See must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

Pastor Powell stated, “I lived at the Vatican as a Catholic seminarian during the 1980-81 academic year. At that time, the United States did not have a special ambassador with all its associated costs for building and staff. It takes 8 minutes by car to get to the North American College at 14 Via del Gianicolo Hill or to the Apostolic Palace from the Embassy compound. The U.S. Embassy to Italy and the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See are a 4-minute walk from each other, a 1-minute car drive if security is an issue.

While Senator Donnelly is a member of my party and apparently a nice person, that is not a reason to carry on a needless taxpayer expense. The Vatican embassy was started in 1984 by the Reagan Administration to have more immediate communication to then Polish native Pope John Paul II when Poland was amid a crisis with the Communist Polish government controlled by the Soviet politburo in Moscow.

With the Soviet Communist threat in Europe over and with Pope Francis’ cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party, which is America’s and the Free World's greatest threat, it would be logical and prudent to send a message to the Bishop of Rome that the United States will not play favorites with Christian denominations. 

I will also introduce legislation in January 2023 to close the Apostolic Nunciature to the United States. For far too long priest personnel files have been transferred from American dioceses to the Vatican Embassy so prosecutor’s investigations of clergy sex abuse was thwarted because of diplomatic immunity.

The solution is simple, let the U.S. Embassy to Italy handle matters with the Christian denomination across from the Tiber. I urge Senator Young and Senator Braun to vote NO to Senator Donnelly’s appointment to the Holy See. President Biden could appoint Senator Donnelly to be Ambassador to Italy (1) and save the taxpayers some money and still have him in Rome.”

The 62-year-old, Johnson County Democratic activist ran as a Christian Democrat in the 2020 Democratic Congressional primary in Indiana’s 9th Congressional District finishing second with nearly 10,000 Hoosier Democratic votes. With redistricting, Johnson County is now in the 6th District which includes all of Johnson, Shelby, Hancock, Rush, Henry, Fayette, Wayne and Union Counties and portions of Bartholomew, Marion and Randolph counties. The Democratic primary is May 3, 2022. 

1. ### Authorized by Powell


"I believe in the STRICT SEPARATION between Church and State. 

The Christian Democratic Caucus is an exciting political movement within the Democratic party  for the Common Good of every person in this nation regardless of their faith, race, sexual orientation or economic class. What is needed in America in the 2020's and beyond is simple decency in government and society."-Rev. Mark J. Powell 

Powell. Congress.

Immediate RELEASE  Friday May 29, 2020

Contact: Rev. Mark J. Powell 317-372-3493 [email protected]

Powell remembers JFK’s 103rd birth anniversary, asks citizens to watch his June 1963 speech on Civil Rights which was prophetic to today’s concerns sparked by the Minneapolis Murder.


United States Congressional candidate Rev. Mark J. Powell, M.Div. (D-IN 09) stated today America remembers the 103rd anniversary of the birth of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. President Kennedy’s brave leadership on racial relations could be used today.

Powell, a 60 year old Protestant minister stated, “On the 103rd anniversary of JFK'S birth, this address from the Oval Office on June 11, 1963 nearly 57 years ago (See #1) was prophetic to the situation in Minneapolis and throughout Black America today. Kennedy said, "We will not be free until ALL our citizens are free."

I run for Congress in 2020 because I know America is better than last night. 

I run for Congress because I know there are actions the Federal government MUST do today to bring peace and reconciliation to oppressed communities but there is CURRENTLY no political will.

I run for Congress because I know next year in America, with the correct leaders in place, America will not be Black America, White America, Brown or Red or Yellow America but RED, WHITE AND BLUE AMERICA. That is the Land I see over that new horizon of tomorrow. That is the nation where freedom is cherished. Then we will be a better nation than today.

Currently, how can we say to the oppressed people in Mainland China the American system is better than the Chinese Communist Party's system where their police arrest and kill their citizens when we here do it in our own nation and on camera? 

America has no choice but to change. If we do not change for the better we will be a House divided and from this moral division, we will not be able to stand. 

Let us join together to heal the Land we love. Then freedom will blossom around the world.

This primary campaign started out in January addressing White Supremacists in Lawrence County (See #2), sadly we end this primary campaign addressing the police murder of an American who was Black. 

As President Kennedy stated so many years ago, “We are not free until ALL our citizens are free.” America has work to do. I am ready, willing and able.” Powell stated.